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Verborgen / geborgen, translates as hidden / retained is a concept, to create a new object out of old scrap fabric, to create a new heirloom filled with memories out of a material which contains emotional value.

Made of fabrics I did not want to throw away, even though they were stained, worn, "versleten" and not usable for their original purpose anymore.

 Accepting and embracing the flaws and imperfections of the fabric and highlighting the personal story, the connection I have with the person the fabrics were from. Combined with a graphical print of the unique handwriting of  that same person. Embracing the same beauty and imperfections


A blanket, to wrap yourself in warm and loving memories, but in a slightly hidden way. Not immediately recognizable for others.

The folding technique makes the fabric thicker, warm and more durable. Worn pieces can therefore be used without the rising the much loved, delicate fabrics.

The fabrics can now be loved and cherished for ages again.

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