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Serving the landscape

This project was inspired by famous chefs and their pursuit of perfection on a plate and Arctic tribes looking for food in extreme conditions. 

The hidden treasures of the worldly garden serving it’s people and this collaboration of humans and nature served on a platter. I took both as an inspiration to strive for reliving the worldly Garden of Eden,

even if only for a couple of bites. The tableware serves as the link between the landscape and serving the food it offers.

The research consist out of a study of sinter Engobes to glaze the tableware and represent the color and texture of the landscape, research of the landscape and the edible plants available and the preparation of the food with methods such as pickling and preserving.

The Kennemerduinen, was a landscape I chose because I grew up in close proximity of these dunes and was always fascinated by it's transition from forest to sea. The dunes are part of the Dutch national park Zuid-Kenemmerland, situated to the west of the city of Haarlem. The characteristic dunes and landscape further inland cover about 40 square kilometers and are rich of lime, allowing the growth of several plant species which are rare in the Netherlands. The inland dunes are covered with bacciferous shrubs attracting a variety of songbirds. The mammals fallow deer, roe deer, squirrel, hedgehog, rabbit and fox are a couple of the inhabitant creatures together with a large variety of amphibious animals and insects. 

In collaboration with chef Luuk Langendijk from restaurant As Amsterdam, all the gathered and prepared ingredients, foraged and gathered from the

chosen landscape "the Kennemerduinen" where investigated and prepared. Experimenting was key. Things which are edible, aren’t necessarily tasty. I prepared certain ingredients in advance by pickling, drying, fermenting or preserving them in sugar. 

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