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A research project into authenticity and exchanging, combined with a trip to Athens with the Man & Leisure department to redefine tourism.

My idea of Authenticity is based on personal experiences. In my opinion, authenticity is personal. The collection of things we see, smell, hear, capture and remember are a personal scattering of fragments, which together create an authentic, individual experience. 

Imagine telling your experiences to someone else: you will tell about those things you find important.

What if you where to share these fragments, the details that make up your experience to a blind person. 

As an authentic exchange of sight, or point of view.


In time where we have this hunger to collect and recollect through imagery, and visual reminders, I wanted to try and experience a city through other senses. Focussing on touch, tactility as sensory language.

Explaining my unique, personal view of Athens through touch.

As a Braille of Athens


In Athens, I collected little details, things I found, textures of places, little knick knacks which exchange my impression of the city through touch.

Collected and contained in a curiosity cabinet, inspired by the time when people showcased all of the exotic things they brought home from special trips.

 I kept away from visual distractions by making all the objects from porcelain. Perfect replica’s of the objects to contain them and create a neutral, tactile language. They are to be experienced through touch.

All objects are numbered, and archived with little texts explaining the object itself and where I found it.


It is very personal exchange of experience. All based on the person who filled the cabinet and the experience this person wants to share. In this case, based on this trip, it’s filled with Athens.

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